Welcome, friends.

Unplugged, refreshingly real, and all the things spicy girls are made of! That’s me, Theresa. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Just like in life, I will make mistakes, I will misspeak, I will definitely swear, and I promise to keep the adventure coming. Keeping Up With Theresa is an ongoing project; a book in the making, where I expose my personal stories during travel and share some deep travel truths.  It will make you laugh, pause, and hopefully inspire you to do something wild and adventurous. 

Always seek out the story. 

I write.

Writing for me is a way to slow down and really take notice of what is happening. I connect intentionally with my thoughts, notice how something makes me feel, and decide how I can move forward from it. From years of getting intimate with travel and personal growth, I have decided to work on publishing my first book. Informative and flirtatious, this book will be in a class of its own and have its very own swagger.

May 20, 2023


Once inside the motel, immediately to the right was the office; an office the same size of a typical master bath. I was told to take a seat while the man behind the desk continued his conversation with another hotel guest. Their conversation was one of money, things not allowed in his establishment, and a last warning. Deep breath, have faith, it will all be ok, I tell myself …

Never lose sight of the fact that your life is supposed to be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

I travel.

Travel for me is a never ending story. The why, the feeling, the thirst to keep seeing and doing more … I really have an unquenchable desire to experience as much as I can in this life. I love culture, I love adrenaline, and I love food and wine. 

From climbing Mount Kilimanjaro spontaneously, all from a conversation on ‘date one’ with a guy I never ended up dating, to being left in a foreign country, alone, forced to figure shit out on the fly, travel is something I welcome in any capacity. I live in the “what’s next” mentality. Follow along!


Business owner, proud-ass mother of two amazing teens, and unapologetically single, I am living a pinch-me- life. Full of energy and always looking for the “what next”, I am giddy with the thought of my best days still being in front of me.