Be Brave

[Personal Post]

You were always good at, and felt comfort in, being a wife and mother. At least that’s what you told yourself. Divorce told you otherwise. Maybe it was the strength and comfort you found in the routine of being a wife and mother. The routine that placed you acceptingly within a storybook narrative. The pages of June Cleaver come to mind. But something no longer works in their story. Society’s story. Your repetition and routine no longer lay out its tradition. The script you carried with you, unconsciously, year after year has faded.

You won’t pretend that you didn’t enjoy it. The comfort in being needed, the feeling of “success” as you established the American dream, and the planned out map of your family’s future. You know that these are all things to be proud of. And you will never discount them. Being a mother is still your favorite role. And you will always feel at home with your children near. But your wandering mind has always found its way into each chapter. A reoccurring fantasy that allows you to see yourself from more than one angle. Daydreams of adventure, the pursuit of travel, and a life beyond these storybook pages. You see your story more like an action-packed, page-turner, filled with adrenaline and anticipation. You wonder… in what chapter will you get to turn the page past ordinary existence?

The visions and daydreams that fill your thoughts are now of a different nature. The ones of family escapades and living abroad for months at a time have now passed. This space is now empty. The death of your expectations will not shake you. You know that soon enough you and your children will explore the globe, all setting out on a journey to emerge stronger and wiser. But now a new opportunity has presented itself to you. Be brave. Say yes.

To be continued…

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