Greenland; traveling off the grid


While watching Frozen Planet, over a bottle of wine, one night in January 2017, I had a brilliant (and by brilliant I mean a great wine-buzz) idea. I was going to travel to the arctic! I didn’t know how or where but I was determined. And if you know me, once an idea hits…

With Greenland as my final choice, the research began. I spent days and nights looking at sights on how to make this crazy idea happen. Turns out, it took way more planning and coordinating than I could have ever imagined. By time I was done with just planning the air portion, I had more detailed notes on this one trip than I did for a whole semester of world geography in high school. But I was set on it. I was going to the arctic.

Was I nervous? More nervous than I had ever been in my life. But I can tell you this, my trip to Greenland was otherworldly. This destination is truly remarkable and should be added to everyone’s bucket-list. With no major road systems in place, dog-sledding, snowmobiling and boating (if you can get past the frozen waters), are your means of transportation. The food that you are served is the food that is available that month. I watched a boat turn back around for the third month in a row with much of their food supply.

One of my favorite memories of Greenland was the evening my roommates (from Germany and Switzerland) and I got to spend with a native Greenlandic lady, Maya, and her four year old son. She invited us into her home, cooked us a wonderful, fresh meal with local ingredients and shared many stories of growing up in Greenland. Getting to connect with a culture like this is one you can’t put a price tag on.

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