Flamingo Island


If I hadn’t made the promise of getting a “flamingo-selfie” to my two young children, this photo might not have happened.

I thought that flamingos were like any other wild animal in foreign countries. That they are just there, walking around freely, for everyone to see.  Nope. This tiny private island is owned by The Renaissance.

Here is my tip from one traveler to another. If you stay a night at The Renaissance (marina) in Aruba, your fee of about $100 per person is waived to go to Flamingo Island. When I travel I always leave open days with no lodging just in case I want to move around to another area. This worked out great for me. I booked two nights at the hotel and got my ride for free. The boat drives inside the hotel, conveniently right beside Starbucks, and loads its passengers.

The boat right is short and sweet and you are allowed to lounge around on Flamingo Island as long as you like. There is a little hut serving up tasty frozen drinks and local beer and also a restaurant on the other side of the island.

Was it worth it? Absolutely!




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