Oahu love.

IMG_0554 [Personal and Faraway Places Travel Post]

Known as the “gathering place,” Oahu is one hip island!

I have to confess, I was a little spoiled as I spent my days and nights with locals of Oahu. Of course I had my own checklist of things I wanted to see while there, but none of them compared to what I experienced when introduced to the little hidden gems known by the islanders.

With Oahu being the third largest island of the Hawaiin chain, the options of what to do each day are overwhelming from an outsiders perspective. Going to a luau, learning to surf, heading to the North Shore, sunbathing on the iconic Waikiki Beach, visiting Pearl Harbor, and the list goes on and on and on…and on.

So what am I here to tell you? Things you can find online and in a guidebook are all lovely. They are popular and mentioned for a reason. And if they speak to you, do them. But if you have the opportunity to connect with a local, before or during your visit, get them talking as much as possible about the hidden secrets that no one wants to share. They know of a stunning beach where only a few people venture to each day. Ask them what restaurant in not yet famous but packed with residence of the area. Find out where can you go to see the most amazing sunset, not packed with tourist.

This image I was able to capture was at China Walls; the local hangout for not only cooling off and splashing around in the water, but to witness some of the most spectacular sunsets on that side of the island. Scattered with coolers, blankets, and music,  people of all ages played and laughed like there wasn’t a care in the world.

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