Catania. Picture this.

[Faraway Places Travel Post]

Catania has endless sites to admire, food to enjoy and moments to be shared, even if with a complete stranger.  I am a sucker for a good photo op, and this adorable Sicilian man was so gracious to play along. I can still hear the sound of his organetto…

Photography is such a powerful tool; my favorite being its ability to take you mentally and emotionally right back to a moment in time.

On your visit to Catania, be sure to snap a picture of these three things:

1.  St. Agatha Cathedral- This might be one of the most beautiful buildings that I have ever photographed. When the sun is hitting it just right….ahhhh…it will stop you in the street.

2. This really goes without mention, but I would feel odd not mentioning it…. Mt. Etna. Being the highest volcano in Europe, it towers over Catania. Sipping a mimosa from your balcony in the morning, with a view like this, it is hard to walk away from.

3. Street Food. It is everywhere! From fresh produce markets, to meats being grilled-to-perfection, to the melt in your mouth pastries and Panna Cotta. You won’t be able to NOT take a picture. Now only if there was a way to capture those aromas! 😉

For more photos and inspiration be sure to visit Ciao!



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