Life’s Itinerary



“So many people live their lives exchanging what they want for what is familiar. Well, the world just hit the reboot button, and nothing is familiar any more. We’re going to have a new life whether we want it or not. This is our opportunity to design it according to our dreams.”

~Shannon LaBruyere


As things in the travel world quickly fall apart, I am left thinking to myself, “how do I come out better on the other side of all this? How can I use this time to become more?” I have never been one to sit and ride out the storm. I am a doer. I am a dreamer. Even today, I refuse to sit back and assume that life will fall into place! I am working on a plan for what I would like… what I expect… my life to look like in a year or two. 

So here is my gentle nudge to you to start doing the same, if you are not already. What do you want this journey to look like? Think of it like planning and taking a vacation. 

Do you PLAN for it or do you assume that it will all just fall into place? Saving, requesting time off work, selecting the perfect resort, booking your best flights, lining up transportation, getting a passport… Of course you plan for it!! Because you want it to be AMAZING!!   

So when it comes to our dream life, why do we assume it will all work out? Why do we fail to CREATE an itinerary that will help us with a life we dream about? Why do we spend more time on… and get more excited about… planning a vacation than we do with our very own lives?? 

Here I hope to help you with some simple, yet powerful, ideas towards creating your LIFE ITINERARY.


To move forward in life you have to accept where you currently are. It isn’t always pretty but this is reality. Jot it all down and date it.


Life is tough but so are you! You don’t lack ability. You lack courage. 


 Get your sleep, drink your water,  and treat your body like the masterpiece it is. If you are not fully functioning on the inside, your outer life will show it. 


No setback outlast a tough mindset! Now really is the perfect time to make things happen. 

EXPECTATIONS FOR YOUR LIFE (live life with expectation!!)

Get crystal clear on what you want and make a plan. Know the difference between existing and living. And in that, be less impressed with the things you own and more impressed with the life you live.


This can not be placed on anyone else. Whatever you want in life, whatever you envision, it is all on you. You are worthy of what you DESIRE. YOU just have to go after it! 


Never lose sight of the fact that this is supposed to be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience! It is your life! Trust the journey! 


Recharging is what will keep you in the game. We all grow tired, mentally and physically. 

Y  YOU! 

Doing more of what you love will remind you of who you really are. We have all taken a backseat once or twice in our lives. Dig out your dreams, do what you love!

This is YOUR ITINERARY. And just like in a travel itinerary, things will go wrong, but your destination remains the same. You don’t turn around and go home. You don’t throw away the time and money you put into this trip. You stick to the plan until you get to your destination. This should not be any different on your personal journey. 

Plan for the life you have always wanted and choose to never turn around. You will need to reroute here and there, but this time you are the navigator.

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Thank you for reading! Now go be amazing!!

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